Grow Tracks & Connect Groups

Grow a person and reach the world.

That is the goal of Grow Tracks and Connect Groups. To grow means that we keep moving toward God’s best for our lives. And it’s not just about us. God blesses us with growth in our lives so we can pass that blessing along to others. Grow Tracks and Connect Groups assume that healthy churches help people move forward in their journey to follow Christ. Grow Tracks are building based opportunities to grow, held at 9am, on Sundays. Connect Groups are held (primarily) offsite, in the homes and meet during different days off the week.

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Do Grow Track classes cost anything?

No. All expenses will be covered by Springfield Assembly so that everyone is able to participate regardless of their financial situation. From time to time, a suggested donation will be communicated so that attendees can help offset costs through freewill gifts.

How are Grow Track classes different from Connect Groups?

Whereas Connect Groups are certainly intended to help people to grow in their faith, relationship-building is an essential part of a successful Connect Group. Grow Track classes also allow people to grow and be discipled, but the “glue” that binds the class together is the topic being discussed.

Will Grow Track classes be offered any time other than Sundays at 9:00 am?

Yes. In the future Grow Track classes will be offered on different days and at different times to accommodate other schedules and draw members of the community interested in learning the material being taught.

How many weeks are Grow Track classes?

Grow tracks classes can vary in their length. Typically, classes will last between four and thirteen weeks, but certain classes may only be one day while others may last over many quarters.

What types of Grow Track classes will be offered in the future?

Grow Track class offerings will include topics relevant to all stages of life and growth in Christ and will often focus on very practical topics. Examples include everything from a healthy look at finances, technology, and culture to estate planning, parenting, and studying the Bible. We are excited about the future of Grow Track!